Water Meter BR 6 Inch DN150

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Jual Water Meter BR 6 Inch Type LXLG DN150, Meteran Air B&R Size 6 Inch (150 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN150 Size 6 Inch

Katalog :
Water Meter BR Flange

Basic technical data

Size Dia : 6 Inch (150 mm)
Temperatur : ≤ 40°C
Pressure : ≤ 1 MPa
Nominal Flowrate Q3 : 400 m³/h
Minumum Flowrite Q1 : 5 m³/h
Transitional Flowrite Q2 : 31,5 m³/h
Min reading : 0.0005 m³
Max.reading : 999999.99 m


Water Meter BR, B&R, Bopp & Reuther dan Atau Juga Disebut Merk Fuzhou

Water Meter BR DN50-DN500 Dengan Material Cast Iron / Besi Cor

Mfg.: Fuzou (BR) Special Feature :
– Wod-wheel counter mechanism for direct reading
LXLG-50-200 – Large measuring range, high flow accuracy
– High continuous flow capacity, lower head loss
– Perfomance is up to standards ISO 40625

Meter Design
– Solid and robust design, long service quaranteed
– Selected high quality materials quarantee absolute
corrosion resistance
– Universal interchangeable measuring insert
– Outer calibration device

Working condition
– Water Temperature For Cold Water ≤30ºC
– Water Pressure ≤ 1 Mpa


Jual Water Meter BR 1/2 Inch Type MT-KD-X DN15, Meteran Air B&R Size 1/2 Inch (15 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN15 Size 1/2 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 3/4 Inch Type MT-KD-X DN20, Meteran Air B&R Size 3/4 Inch (20 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN20 Size 3/4 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 1 Inch Type MT-KD-X DN25, Meteran Air B&R Size 1 Inch (25 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN25 Size 1 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 1,5 Inch Type MT-KD-X DN40, Meteran Air B&R Size 1,5 Inch (40mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN40 Size 1,5 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 2 Inch Type LXLG DN50, Meteran Air B&R Size 2 Inch (50 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN50 Size 2 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 3 Inch Type LXLG DN80, Meteran Air B&R Size 3 Inch (80 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN80 Size 3 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 4 Inch Type LXLG DN100, Meteran Air B&R Size 4 Inch (100 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN100 Size 4 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 6 Inch Type LXLG DN150, Meteran Air B&R Size 6 Inch (150 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN150 Size 6 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 8 Inch Type LXLG DN200, Meteran Air B&R Size 8 Inch (200 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN200 Size 8 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 10 Inch Type LXLG DN250, Meteran Air B&R Size 10 Inch (250 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN250 Size 10 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 12 Inch Type LXLG DN300, Meteran Air B&R Size 12 Inch (300 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN300 Size 12 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 14 Inch Type LXLG DN350, Meteran Air B&R Size 14 Inch (350 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN350 Size 14 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 16 Inch Type LXLG DN400, Meteran Air B&R Size 16 Inch (400 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN400 Size 16 Inch, Jual Water Meter BR 20 Inch Type LXLG DN500, Meteran Air B&R Size 20 Inch (500 mm), Flow Meter Fuzhou DN500 Size 20 Inch

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