MGK Kemayoran LT.GF Blok C.1 No.5

Jual Ligno-Scanner D Moisture Meter


Measuring Range 5-60% dependent upon species setting*
Display 0.1% resolution for the entire range.
Species Corrections 71 wood group settings, or simply use specific gravity of the wood, between 0.3 and 1.0 (setting 30-100)
Gypsum Scale N/A
Reference Scale 0-99 for non-wood building materials
Calibration Stable calibration not affected by ambient temperature. Calibration is internally checked and automatically adjusted if necessary.
Calibration Check  External calibration check block #TS is available to verify the calibration and functions of meter.
Included Pouch, one 9V battery, manual and laminated wood group chart.
Size Pocket-size  2″ x 5.5″x0.5″, Measuring pad 1 5/8″ x 2 5/8″
Weight 8 ounces (200g), made out of high-impact plastic
Warranty All moisture meters have a 2 year warranty. Pins and battery are excluded.

The measuring depth of a pinless meter is crucial. Moisture readings are too low, when the Scanner is placed on a work piece which is thinner than the measuring depth. Scanners never measure any deeper than the measuring depth.
The entire measuring pad has to be on a flat and smooth surface for accurate readings

*Species Corrections for Ligno-Scanners and Ligno-VersaTec correlate directly to the Specific Gravity. Example: For a specific gravity of 0.57 (0.57g/cm 3 )set species # 57. Specific Gravity for most wood species can be found on the Internet. We also include a Species Chart with recommended settings.
The Ligno-Scanners SDM and the Ligno-VersaTec have calibrations built-in for drywall and concrete and a reference scale for non-wood building materials.
Measuring range: 5-60% dependent upon Species. For hardwoods the Scanners read lower than 5%, for softwoods the Scanners start reading above 5%. Resolution of read-out: 0.1% Less accurate above Fiber Saturation Point at 30%.
Wood temperature correction is not necessary.
1 9-V Battery for 3000 Readings, Battery included
Size: 1/2″H x 2″L x 5″W (for Scanner LD width is 2 7/8″) Weight: 8 ozs
Comes in a Carry Pouch with Belt Loop.


Ligno-Scanner D Moisture Meter

The Ligno-Scanner D is a pinless moisture meter that is convenient to use. The operation is simple with clearly marked buttons. The large display shows moisture percentage, wood setting and measuring depth. Lignomat’s advanced measuring technology assures calibration accuracy. Every time the pinless moisture meter turns on, calibration is internally checked.
The pinless moisture meter uses built-in corrections for different wood species. Corrections can be programmed, just enter the specific gravity of the wood between 0.3 and 1.0. Resolution is 0.1% for entire measuring range. HOLD function is available for all pinless moisture meters from Lignomat.

When selecting the right Ligno-Scanner for your application consider measuring depth and the materials you want to measure. The measuring depth is crucial for any pinless moisture meter.
The standard measuring depth for pinless moisture meters is 3/4″. Likewise the Ligno-Scanner D measures at 3/4″. The pinless moisture meter will not measure any deeper than 3/4″. Therefore if you measure thinner boards, measurements can be inaccurate. If you work with a variety of thicknesses, you can always stack thinner materials to a 3/4″ stack. Another option may be the dual-depth Ligno-Scanners that have a measuring depth of 1/4″ and 3/4″.
The Ligno-Scanner D has a reference scale for testing non-wood materials. Works good for compare and search mode in restoration applications.

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