Hot Water Meter Powogaz MWN130 Size 1,5 Inch DN40


Jual Hot Water Meter Powogaz Type MWN130 Size 1,5 Inch(40mm), Meteran Air Panas Powogaz MWN 130°C DN40, Flow Meter Air Panas Powogaz MWN130 Ukuran 1,5 Inch Hot Water Meter

Katalog :
Hot Water Meter Powogaz MWN130°C

Basic technical data

Type Q3
WATER METERS for hot water
MWN130 40-XX* Nubis 25 40 200 flange***
MWN130 50-XX* Nubis 25 50 200 flange***
MWN130 50-G-XX* Nubis 25 50 200 G2½
MWN130 65-XX* Nubis 40 65 200 flange***
MWN130 80-XX* Nubis 63 80 200** / 225 flange***
MWN130 100-XX* Nubis 100 100 250 flange***
MWN130 125-XX* Nubis 160 125 250 flange***
MWN130 150-XX* Nubis 250 150 300 flange***
MWN130 200-XX* Nubis 400 200 350 flange***
MWN130 250-XX* Nubis 630 250 450 flange***
MWN130 300-XX* Nubis 1000 300 500 flange***

*) DN-XX / DN-G-XX – Water meters designs – where -XX stands for:
-NK – water meter with pulse transmitter (Read relay) – remote transmission of volume counting


Powogaz Water Flow Meter, Meteran Air Powogaz, Flow Meter Powogaz, APATOR Powogaz, Water Metering Powogaz


For measuring of consumption of greater amounts of cold water with a temperature up to 30 °C or 50 °C, or hot water with a temperature up to 130 °C, on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). Suitable for installation in the horizontal hoses (pipelines) with the counter directed upwards (H), in vertical or horizontal hoses with the counter directed sidewards (V) or in diagonal hoses (H/V). MWN water meters in standard version are equipped with six-barrel counter (IP65, IP68 – optional) and painted cast-iron housing. Water meters are adapted to operation in the systems of remote data transfer (AMR).

Metrological class (MID)


  • Cold water R100÷200 – H, V
  • Warm water R25÷40 – H, V


  • Cold water R100 – H, V
  • Warm water R40 – H, V

Product features

  • Preequipped for installation of: radio module for communication in the Wireless M-Bus and impulse module (not applicable to water meters for hot water and versions with NK, NO, NKO and NKOP transmitters)
  • Wide measuring range
  • Low starting rate
  • Removable measuring panel
  • Double-sided rotor bearing
  • Easy reading of the water meter counter
  • Hermetic counter – IP68 on request ****)„„
  • Counter mechanism with blockade against multiple rotating, at rotation angle more than 360°
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  • Ready Stock Water Meter Powogaz

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