MGK Kemayoran LT.GF Blok C.1 No.5

Benetech GM1030 Split Type Lux Meter

  • Specifications Benetech GM1030 Split Type Lux Meter

    Illumination probe Silicon Diode
    Iluumination range 0 ~ 200,000Lux(0 ~20000Fc), divided into four gears
    Gear Gear range Minimum resolution Accuracy
    X1 gear 0.0 ~ 199.9Lux 0.1 Lux ±3%rdg+5dgts
    X10 gear 20.0*10 ~ 199.9*10Lux 1 Lux ±3%rdg+10dgts
    X100 gear 20.0*100 ~ 199.9*100Lux 10 Lux ±4%rdg+10dgts
    X1000 gear 20.0*1000 ~ 199.9*1000Lux 100 Lux ±4%rdg+10dgts
    Repeatability ±2%
    Refresh rate 2 times/second
    Temperature probe NTC Thermistor
    Temperature range -20 ~ 50℃(-4 ~ 122℉)
    Temperature accuracy ±1.0 ℃
    Power Three AAA batteries


Benetech GM1030 Split Type Lux Meter

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Split type illuminometer is a professional instrument for measuring light intensity and brightness, which is used in light intensity measurement engineering, quality control, health care and light intensity measurement in various surroundings, such as factories, schools, offices, transportation and homes.

Features Benetech GM1030 Split Type Lux Meter

  • Not only can split type illuminometer measure current value, maximum value, minimum value and difference value of illumination and temperature, but also hold illumination and temperature data, calculate illuminance integral and averageintegral averaging and record data.
  • Switch illumination unit and(Lux/Fc)temperature unit(℃/℉)
  • Two recording modes: automatic storage of illumination data (up to 2000 groups) and manual storage (up to 60 groups)
  • Automatic range and quick response, measuremwent in environment with insufficient light.
  • Screen backlight for darkroom operation.
  • Auto-off after no operation for a long time (the default span is 10 mins and can be reset)