Water Meter ZENNER 1/2 Inch RTKD

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Jual Meteran Air Zenner 1/2 inch (15mm) type RTKD, Water Meter Zenner 1/2 Inch Type RTKD DN15, Flow Meter Zenner DN15 Size 1/2 Inch, Water Flow Meter Brass/Kuningan

Katalog :
Water Meter Zenner RTKD Screw

Product Features

Measuring Principle Positive Displacement Meters
Length without connectors 105 mm
110 mm
115 mm
165 mm
170 mm
190 mm
260 mm
Housing Material Brass
Register Dry Dial
Nominal Flow Q3 (≈ Qn) Q3=1,6 (≈ Qn 1)
Q3=2,5 (≈ Qn 1,5)
Q3=4 (≈ Qn 2,5)
Q3=6,3 (≈ Qn 3,5)
Q3=10 (≈ Qn 6)
Nominal Diameter DN (mm) DN 15
DN 20
DN 25
DN 32
Nominal Diameter (inch) 1/2 ”
3/4 ”
1 1/4″
Temperature Cold water up to 50° C
Specified Units on Display Cubik Meters (m³)
AMR Technologies Reed Pulser
Electronic Pulser
Radio via wireless M-Bus
Funk via LPWAN (LoRaWAN™, SIGFOX™)
Additional Options Anti-Magnet-Protection
Copper Can (IP 68)
Modulator Disc for inductive sensors
Nano Coating (Antifog)
Wiper for lens (Antifog)
Metrological Class horizontal (max.) R 250
R 400


Water Meter Zenner, Meteran Air Zenner, Flow Meter Zenner, Water Flow Meter Zenner, Merupakan alat ukur debit/Volume Air Bersih, Merk ini berasal dari Germany/Jerman dan sangat berkualitas tinggi, sehingga sangat cocok dipakai untuk PDAM, Hotel, Apartemen, dan lain lain

ZENNER – Positive Displacement meter RTKD-M nad RTKD-N

Positive displacement dry dial metesr for cold water

RTKD positive displacement meter is a meter for all who place the highest demands on reliability and measuring accuracy.

The RTKD records the flow rate using the volumetric measuring principle and guarantees extremely precise consumption recording and accounting. The RTKD positive displacement meter also has a high measuring range and a very good measurement stability.

The RTKD is equipped with the ZENNER D-register and is available in two versions:

RTKD-M with 8-digit-rollers register and modulator disc for non-reactive scanning for radio (wireless M-bus, LPWAN), M-bus or pulse. RTKD-N with 7- or 8-digit rollers for different pulse values and retrofittable
with mechanic pulser.


  • For the consumption measuring of cold potable water up to 50° C
  • Water meter for any installation position (not overhead!)

AMR options

  • RTKD-N with pulse output (reed) for remote readout
  • Standard pulse value 10 l/pulse, optional 1 l/pulse available

RTKD-M serially equipped with communication interface for:

  • Electronic pulser
  • Wired M-bus
  • Radio via wireless M-bus
  • Radio via LPWAN (LoRaWAN™, SIGFOX)

Performance Characteristics

  • Dry dial piston type register with shielded magnetic coupling
  • Register can be turned through 355°
  • High-quality UV-resistant plastic inspection window
  • Operating pressure MAP 16
  • Available with flood-proof (IP68) hermetically sealed glass/copper register
  • Approved in accordance with MID

Jual Water Meter Zenner 1/2 Inch Type RTKD DN15, Jual Water Meter Zenner 3/4 Inch Type RTKD DN20, Jual Water Meter Zenner 1 Inch Type RTKD DN25, Jual Water Meter Zenner 1 1/4 Inch Type RTKD DN32, Jual Water Meter Zenner 1,5 Inch Type RTKD DN40, Jual Water Meter Zenner 2 Inch Type WPHD DN50, Jual Water Meter Zenner 2,5 Inch Type WPHD DN65, Jual Water Meter Zenner 3 Inch Type WPHD DN80, Jual Water Meter Zenner 4 Inch Type WPHD DN100, Jual Water Meter Zenner 5 Inch Type WPHD DN125, Jual Water Meter Zenner 6 Inch Type WPHD DN150, Jual Water Meter Zenner 8 Inch Type WPHD DN200, Jual Water Meter Zenner 10 Inch Type WPHD DN250, Jual Water Meter Zenner 12 Inch Type WPHD DN300, Jual Water Meter Zenner 16 Inch Type WPHD DN400, Jual Water Meter Zenner 20 Inch Type WPHD DN500

Ready Stock Meteran Air Zenner 1/2 Inch Drat DN15, Ready Stock Meteran Air Zenner 3/4 Inch Drat DN20, Ready Stock Meteran Air Zenner 1 Inch Drat DN25, Ready Stock Meteran Air Zenner 1 1/4 Inch Drat DN32, Ready Stock Meteran Air Zenner 1,5 Inch Drat DN40, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN50, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN65, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN80, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN100, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN125, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN150, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN200, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN250, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN300, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN400, Ready Stock Flow Meter ZENNER WPHD DN500

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