Water Meter Sensus AN130°C

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Hot Water Meter SENSUS AN 130°C

Hydraulic Sensor for hot water up to
130 °C, PN 16 and PN 25

Size : 3/4 Inch – 1,5 Inch

Diameter Nominal : DN20-DN40

Katalog :
Water Meter SENSUS AN 130°C


Size 3/4″ ~ 1 1/2″
Accuracy Class 2 or 3
Working pressure 16 bar (standard), 25 bar (special version)
Working temperature 10 ~ +130ºC
Process connection Screw end
Casing material Brass Painted
Impeller Plastic
Impeller beraing Shapire
Magnetic coupling Ceramic Permanent Magnet
Cable length 2 M
Load capacity max. 0.1A, max. 28 V
Contact resistance max. 105 ohm
Pulse value 10 Litres/pulse, customized available


Techincal Data
Display: 00000.000 m3
Working pressure: 16 bar
25 bar (Special
Working temperature: 10 … 130 °C
PTB-Approval: Class B
Pulse sender
Pulse sender: Reed switch
permanently installed
Cable length: 2 m
Load capacity: max. 0.1 A, max. 28 V
Contact resistance: max 105 Ohm
Pulse value: 10 Litres / pulse
For other pulse values
see special versions

Casing: Brass, painted
Impeller: Plastic
Impeller cup: Plastic
Bearing pin: Tungsten carbide
Impeller bearing : Sapphire
Magnetic coupling: Ceramic permanent magnets

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