Water Meter Sensus 6 Inch WP-Dynamic Cold Water DN150

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Jual Water Meter Sensus Type WP-Dynamic Cold Water Temperatur 50°C Size 6 Inch (DN150), Meteran Air Sensus WP Dynamic Cold Water 50°C Size 6 Inch (150mm)

Katalog :
Sensus WP-Dynamic Cold Water




  • Water Meter Sensus WP-DYNAMIC
  • Features

    • Patented hydrodynamically balanced rotor (≤DN 300)
    • Patented symmetrical calibration adjustment (≤DN 300)
    • Up to 3 pulsers (1 x OD, 2 x RD) may be fitted without breaking the approval seal
    • ¼” connection port for pressure sensors
    • Hermetically sealed register (IP 68)
    • Register may be rotated through 360°
    • High overload capability
    • Pattern approved removable measuring element
    • Powder coating provides maximum corrosion protection


    • Cold water meters pressure rate PN 40
    • Metrological class B
    • 30 °C
      Turbine Water Meter
      for cold water up to 50 ºC / PN 16
      DN 40 … DN 400
  • Agen Water Meter
  • Distributor Sensus Indonesia
  • Distributor Water Meter Indonesia
  • Jual Meteran Air Sensus
  • Meteran Air Sensus Indonesia
  • Ready Stock Sensus Water Meter
  • Sensus WP-Dynamic Hot (130°C)
  • Sensus WP-Dynamic Indonesia
  • Alat Ukur Volume Air
  • Alat Ukur Debit Air
  • Meteran Air Indonesia
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  • Meteran Air Biasa temperatur 50°C
  • Water Meter Sensus Jakarta

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