Jual Water Quality Meter 407228 Extech


Heavy Duty pH/mV/Temperature Meter Kit

407228 is a Heavy Duty pH/ORP/Temperature meter which simultaneously displays pH or mV and Temperature on a large 1.4 inch LCD. It features 2 point Calibration and Slope adjustments, manual and auto temperature compensation, Min/Max/AVG, Auto power off, and Data Hold. A built-in RS-232 interface can be used with optional Data Acquisition Software and Datalogger. Comes complete with mini pH electrode, temperature probe, 9V battery, protective holster, and case.

Features :
– Kit includes pH/mV/Temperature meter, mini pH electrode, Temperature probe, and carrying case
– Dual display for pH or mV and Temperature (°C/°F)
– Large 1.4″ (36mm) LCD display
– Easy 2 point Slope and Cal adjustments at pH 4 and pH 7
– Manual and Auto Temperature Compensation using temperature probe
– Min/Max/Avg, Auto off and Data Hold
– Built-in RS-232 PC interface with optional Data Acquisition Software and Datalogger

Specification :
– pH : 0.00 to 14.00pH
– mV : 0 to 1999mV
– Temperature : 32 to 149°F (0 to 65°C)
– Max Resolution : 0.01pH, 1mV, 0.1º
– Basic Accuracy : ±0.03pH, ±0.5%mV, ±1.8ºF/1ºC
– PC Interface : Optional 407001 software
– Memory : Optional 380340 datalogger
– Dimensions : 7 x 2.9 x 1.3” (178 x 74 x 33mm)
– Weight : 13oz (388g)


Jual Water Quality Meter 407228 Extech

Jual Alat Laboratorium Umum

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