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Jual Thermometer EA15 Extech


EasyView™ Dual Input Temperature Datalogger
Temperature datalogger compatible with 7 types of thermocouples

EA15 is an EasyView Dual Input Temperature Datalogger capable of-200 Degrees to 1999 Degrees Fahrenheit and -200 Degree to 1360 Degree Celsius measurements. Timer function displays elapsed time plus the time when minimum and maximum readings are taken. Records Max/Min readings for later recall. Built-in datalogger stores up to 8800 data sets. Complete with built-in stand, protective holster, two Type K bead wire temperature probes and batteries

Specifications Range
Thermocouple Type J -200 to 1994°F (-150 to 1090°C)
Thermocouple Type K -200 to 1999.9°F (-150 to 1370°C)
Thermocouple Type T -200 to 752°F (-150 to 400°C)
Thermocouple Type E -200 to 1598°F (-150 to 870°C)
Thermocouple Type R 35 to 1999.9°F (2 to 1767°C)
Thermocouple Type S 35 to 1999.9°F (2 to 1767°C)
Thermocouple Type N -200 to 1999.9°F (-150 to 1300°C)
Resolution 0.1°
Basic Accuracy ±0.05% rdg (+1.5°F/+0.75°C) Types J,K,E,T,N
±0.05% rdg (+4°F/+2°C) Types R,S
Dimensions 6 x 2.8 x 1.5″ (152 x 72 x 37mm)
Weight 8.3oz (235g)



Jual Thermometer EA15 Extech

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