Jual Thermometer 445810 Extech


Radio Controlled Thermometer Calendar/Clock with Alarm

Receives Time Code from NIST Radio Station WWVB, Automatically adjusts week, date, day, hour, minute, second, and DST
– Receives Time Code from NIST Radio Station WWVB (North American region)
– Large LCD displays Time, Temperature, Time Zone, Month, Week, Date, and Day
– Automatically adjusts for daylight savings time (DST)
– Temperature Range: 23 to 113°F (-5 to 45°C)
– Basic accuracy of ±2°/±1°C
– Alarm Clock with 4 minute snooze
– °F/°C switchable
– 12/24 hour format
– Manual time setting
– Swivel arm control for desktop configuration or wall mount
– Dimensions: 5.1×7.7×0.9″ (132x197x23mm) Weight: 8.90z (255g)
– Complete with built-in stand and one AA battery


Jual Thermometer 445810 Extech

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