MGK Kemayoran LT.GF Blok C.1 No.5

Jual colony counter j-2

Spesifikasi colony counter j-2

This Colony Counter is a semi-automatic digital displayer for counting the germs, which consists of counter, sensor, counting cell etc. The counter is made of CMOS integrated electric. In the black longitudinal background counting cell, a circular fluorescent lamp is used for side lighting, which can give a clear colony comparing. The monitor is designed as three-figure number according to the requirement for bacterial counting SOP. When the colony in one culture plate is over 300, dilute the sample and redo the operation in order to ensure the accuracy of the counting. This instrument can reduce the labour of the operator, enhance the efficiency and working quality, which can be widely used in the field of foodstuff, beverage, drugs, biological products, sanitary utilities, drinking water, industrial waste water and clinical sample. It is a necessary instrument for all levels of health and epidemic prevention stations, environmental monitoring stations, food sanitary supervision organizations, hospitals, biological products manufacturers, medicine inspection stations, foodstuff companies, chemical industry, institutions, and research centres.

Main Data
1.Capacity of the Counter: 0~999
2.Power consumption of lamp: 16w
3.Total power consumption: <20w 4.Voltage : AC220v±10% , 50/60Hz 5.Volume: 268×225×90 mm 6.Weight: 1.5kg Instructions 1,Connect the power, open the lamp in the counting cell when the monitor shows“001”, insert the sensor and push the “reset” key. 2.Put the sample into culture plate. 3.Count the colony in the plate with the sensor one by one. At this time, the colony is coloured and buzzer sounds which means the counting is ok. On the monitor, the numbers are added automatically. 4.Check with magnifier to ensure the counting is correct.(if some is lost, use the “check” key to add it to.) 5. The last number in the monitor is the colony in the plate. 6.After the operation, please take out the culture plate. Push the “reset” key and the monitor return to original state. Notice 1.The instrument should be put on a fixed and stable operation table with smooth face. 2.When counting the colony, the sensor should not be over leaned. With a slight touch to a sense of elastic, the number is input. 3.Far from the humidity, severe shock, strong sunshine, acids and alkali. A dust cover is necessary. 4 .Prevent the culture media from contaminating the counting cell. 5.The instrument and the sensor should not be dismantled at random. If the trouble occurs, please ask the experienced technician for repairing.


Jual colony counter j-2