Jual Spectrophotometer Thermo Scientific Genesys 30


GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer, Cat. No. 840-277400
Get high precision and functionality in a simple yet sophisticated visible spectrophotometer. The Thermo Scientific™ GENESYS™ 30 Visible Spectrophotometer performs both basic and complex analyses for educational or industrial use. Its intuitive design allows students and teachers to focus on scientific data and concepts rather than on learning how to use the instrument. In the lab, technicians of all levels working in routine QA/QC applications can easily obtain credible results to confirm quality or inform next steps. Results can be reported quickly as digital or printed data.

Product Features :
– Entirely new industrial design for better usability
– High definition 5-inch color screen with rubberized push-button keypad for easy navigation
– Single cell measurement with removable, washable sample compartment liner
– Cell holders for standard cell types including test-tubes
– New onboard software UI; Thermo Scientific™ VISIONlite PC software is optional
– Data any way you want it
– USB data export in a text format that’s easy to read and process
– Excellent snap-on thermal printer
– Three-year warranty and skilled technical support

Meets curriculum topics for :
– Single wavelength
– Scanning
– Beer’s Law
– Colorimetry/colorimetric analysis
– Quantitative analysis

Lab associate benefits :
– Higher data confidence with 6-point quant plus concentration mode
– Multiple local language choices

Specifications :

Baseline Flatness <0.003A
325nm – 1000nm smoothed
Compartments Accessible from top, front or side
Able to accommodate cells up to 100mm pathlength
Available accessory for test-tubes up to 25mm diameter and 150mm height
Removable, washable sample compartment liner with magnetic placement and hold-down
Connections USB-A on front face supports flash memory devices for method and data storage
USB-B on side supports connection to a Windows™ computer running optional remote control software.
Description GENESYS 30 Visible Spectrophotometer
Detector Type Silicon Photodiode
Dimensions (L x W x H) 35.5cm x 38.5cm x 19.5cm
Display 5 in. diagonal, 32 bit color display, 800 x 480 pixels
Drift <0.002A/Hr
At 500nm after 2hr warmup. Typical <0.004A/hr after 1hr warmup
Electrical Requirements External AC to DC converter.Voltage and Hz selected automatically, 100-250 volts, 50-60Hz
Keypad Tactile rubber 23 keys with numeric keypad
Lamp 1000 Hrs typical service life
Languages English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian,Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Arabic
Noise ≤0.001A at 0A
≤0.001A at 1A
≤0.002A at 2A
RMS at 500nm. 60 consecutive measurements
Optical Design Single beam
Photometric Accuracy Instrument ±0.002A (0 – 0.3A)
0.5% of ABS reading (0.301A – 2.5A)
Photometric Display -3A to +3A, 0 to 200 000 %T, 0 to 9 999 999 C
Photometric Range -3A to +3A
Photometric Repeatability ± 0.002 A
Measured at 1.0 A @546nm
Printer Thermal printer accessory with 80mm width paper
Spectral Bandwidth 5 nm
Stray Light <0.1%T at 340nm and 400nm
Measured using glass cutoff filters or NaNO2 at 340nm
Wavelength Accuracy ± 2nm
Wavelength Data Interval 1nm
Wavelength Range 325nm – 1100nm
Wavelength Repeatability < ±1nm
Wavelength Scan Speed Automatic – up to 1200nm/min
Weight (Metric) 7.5kg




Jual Spectrophotometer Thermo Scientific Genesys 30

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