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Jual Alat Ukur Kadar Air Bes Bollmann HDI 3.3K

Jual Moisture Meter Bes Bollmann H-DI 3.3K, Jual Alat Ukur Kadar Air Bes Bollman HDI 3.3K, Jual MC Tester Bes Bollmann HDI 3.3K Professional, Jual MC Meter Kayu

 Measuring timber moisture
4 timber groups
 Contact measurements

Content Case
Moisture meter and a sliding hammer for timber

Unique A moisture meter that each specialist can make an impact
Material Impact resistant plastic housing
Ideal for Timber, wood and plywood (300 Sorts of wood)
Format 140 x 80 x 40 mm
Weight 210 grams (without hammer)
Extra Supplied in a case with slider hammer for timber. The meter itself is optionally also suitable for the measurement of building moisture. For this purpose, in this embodiment, additional probes may be purchased.
Length electrodes 60 mm
Range wood moisture 4% – 40%
Wood accuracy 0,1%
Humidity range construction 0% – 100% (optional)
Ambient temperature 0 – 40 °C
Temperature correction No
Data hold No
Battery 9-V-block battery/IEC 6F 22
Warranty 12 months
FMPA approval No


Measuring is knowing. Especially for artisans, craftsmen and other professionals who love wood. And they always want to measure the quality of wood, guarantee and want to keep it under control. For these specialists, the H-DI 3.3K moisture meter is a great friend. Together, you can measure the total moisture range of about 300 sorts of wood from 4% to 40%. Easy to use, high degree of measurement accuracy and smooth results. In each situation. What more do you expect from a friend?

The difference with the H-DI 3.3K 3? The basic functions of the moisture meter are equal, but in this case, it contains a hammer instead of a through probe. The advantage of a hammer is that you know exactly how deep you are in the woods and the size of it.


Jual Berbagai Macam Produk Moisture Meters Atau Alat Ukur Kadar Air Baik pada Kayu, Beras, Jagung, Tepung, Gabah dan media lainnya.

Moisture Meter Bes Bollmann merupakan produk Germany, atau sering disebut Alat Ukur Kadar Air Made In Jerman yang sangat umum dipakai di Indonesia, dikarenakan Kualitas produk yang mantap dan juga acurasi yang tinggi.

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