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Jual Sanwa DM1009S Insulation Tester

Specifications Sanwa DM1009S Insulation Tester

Scale(MΩ) 1~2~1000~2000MΩ
Tolerance ± 5% of reading(1st effective measurement range : written in thick print above)
±10% of reading(2nd effective measurement range : written in small type above)
ACV 600V
Tolerance Within ±5% of the max. scale value(50~60Hz sine wave)
Tolerance Within ±5% of the max. scale value
Rated current 1.0~1.2mA
Battery 6LF22/6LR61(9V alkaline battery)x1
Size/Mass H144×W99×D43mm/Approx. 310g
Safety standard IEC61010 CAT.Ⅲ 600V


Sanwa DM1009S Insulation Tester

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The Sanwa DM1009S a DC insulation resistance tester to measure the insulation resistance of electric lines and equipment. The measured voltage is maintained until the low insulation resistance value at the rated current specifi­ed in IEC61557-2. This instrument is CAT. III 600V certified.

The DM1009S is equipped with the discharge function to discharge a test circuit once the user is done testing it. The device can measure up to 2000MΩ of insulation resistance when a test voltage of 1000 volts is applied. This instrument can also measure voltages of up to 60V DC and 600V AC with an accuracy of ±5% of full scale.

Jual Sanwa DM1009S Analog Insulation Tester 1000V Harga Murah Terbaru 2023

Features Sanwa DM1009S Insulation Tester

  • One-shot or continuous measurement push switch
  • DCV measurement range (DC60V)
  • Auto discharge function
  • Inner battery check range
  • ACV measurement range
  • Shoulder Strap