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Jual Sanwa DCM2000DR Clamp Meter

Specifications Sanwa DCM2000DR Clamp Meter

Function Measuring range Best accuracy Resolution
ACA 200.0/2000A ±(2.0%+5) 0.1A
DCA 200.0/2000A ±(2.0%+5) 0.1A
ACV 6.000/60.00/600.0/1000V ±(1.2%+5) 0.001V
DCV 6.000/60.00/600.0/1000V ±(0.5%+5) 0.001V
Resistance 600.0/6.000k/60.00k/600.0k/6.000M/40.00MΩ ±(0.5%+5) 0.1Ω
Frequency 10~1999Hz ±(0.1%+4) 0.01Hz
Capacitance 60n/600n/6μ/60μ/600μ/2000μF ±(2.0%+5) 0.01nF
Continuity Buzzer sounds at below 10-200Ω Open voltage: approx. 0.5V
Diode test Open voltage: approx. 1.8V
EF sensing A voltage or electric field of about 60 V or more is detected. The bar graph and intermittent buzzer beeps change in three steps according to the field intensity. (50/60Hz)
Sampling rate Approx. 5 times/sec.
Bandwidth 50~400Hz
Display 6000/1999(Hz)
Max. overload protection input DC/AC1100V
CT: DC/AC2000A
Clamp diameter/Conductor size Φ55mm/20x66mm
Battery R6Px2
Battery life A function: Approx. 80 hrs. Functions other than A: Approx. 240 hrs. (Zinc-carbon battery/Backlight off)
Size/Mass H264×W97×D43mm/Approx. 640g
Safety standards IEC61010 CAT.Ⅳ1000V


Sanwa DCM2000DR Clamp Meter

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The DCM2000DR is an AC/DC clamp meter/digital multimeter of the RMS value response type, designed for measurements in the range specified by IEC61010-1 CAT.IV 1000V. It is suitable for current and voltage measurements of low-voltage circuitry, electric equipment, and power supply facilities.

This instrument is capable of measuring both AC and DC currents and voltages. As the device also functions as a multimeter, it can perform a variety of functions such as measuring resistances, frequency, capacitances, performing diode tests as well as continuity tests with buzzer alarms.

The device can also measure electric field strength and features a low pass filter for VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) AC voltage measurement. The DCM2000DR has data hold, range hold and peak hold functions as well. The device is power efficient and features an auto power save feature that turns off the display after 34 minutes of inactivity (cancellable).

Features Sanwa DCM2000DR Clamp Meter

  • Dual display shows voltage/current and its frequency
  • True RMS
  • EF (Electric Field) sensing
  • VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) frequency measurement
  • Low input impedance voltage measurement capable of attenuating the effects of ghost voltage
  • Data hold, Range hold
  • Relative value
  • Peak hold (5msec.)
  • Auto Power Save (30min.) (cancelable)
  • Sampling rate : approx. 5 times / sec