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Jual Sanfix GM8902+ Digital Anemometer

Specifications Sanfix GM8902+ Digital Anemometer

Measuring Items Air Velocity & Air Temperature& Air quantity
Air velocity measuring range 0.3~ 45m/ s
Air temperature measuring range 0~ 45 , 32 ~ 113
Air quantity measuring range 0~ 999900m3/ min
Resolution 0.1m/ s 0.2
Unit of Velocity m/ s, Ft/ min, Knots, Km/ hr, Mph
Power Supply 4*1.5V AAA Batteries


Sanfix GM8902+ Digital Anemometer

For those of you who work as fishermen or profession occupations at sea, of course really need a tool that can measure wind speed to predict wind speed and predict whether there will be a storm approaching his ship. For this reason, there is now a wind speed measuring device that is needed by fishermen and the like. Anemometer is a digital wind speed measuring device so it is very easy for users of this tool to read the movement and also the wind speed around it.

Features Sanfix GM8902+ Digital Anemometer

  • Measurement of wind velocity, temperature and flow
  • Unit conversion of wind velocity, temperature and flow
  • Measurement of maximum and minimum wind velocity
  • Measurement of 2/3 Vmax and average wind flow
  • Data holding, storing and deleting function
  • Low battery indicating function
  • Auto power off function
  • Memory of 500 records
  • Connecting to PC with USB cable
  • Audio key presssing alert
  • LCD backlight display