Jual mini-Ligno S/DC Moisture Meter


Measuring Range 6-45% dependent upon species setting*
Display Bright LED display with 0.1% resolution below 10% and 1% steps above 10%. Most durable display with a lifetime warranty.
Species Corrections 2 wood group settings for measuring hardwood, softwood and wood based panels
Gypsum Scale 0-7.5%
Reference Scale 0-99 for non-wood building materials
Calibration Stable calibration not affected by ambient temperature. Calibration is internally checked and automatically adjusted if necessary. All mini-Lignos are calibrated for a wood temperature of 70°F (20°F). A correction table for other wood temperatures is listed in the manual.
Calibration Check External Calibration check block#TP is available to verify the calibration and functions of meter, cable and electrode.
Included 2 pair of pins, measuring depth of 3/16″ and 7/16″ (5,10mm). Wrist strap and pouch, one 9V battery, manual and laminated wood group chart.
Connector mini-Ligno SD can only be used with built-in pins
mini-Ligno SD/C has built-in pins and connection for external probe
Size Pocket-size  2 3/4″x 5″x1″ (70x140x25mm)
Weight 8 ounces (200g), made out of high-impact plastic
Warranty All mini-Lignos have a 2 year warranty. Display has a life-time warranty. Accessories have a 1 year warranty. Pins and battery are excluded.

The mini-Ligno SD/C is one of our most popular meters with the following features:

– a unique shape that fits comfortably in your hand when
– measuring
– a measuring range low enough to check hardwood floors (6%*)
– a measuring range high enough to evaluate wet lumber (45*)
– a bright, digital display readable even in dark crawl spaces
– resolution of 0.1% below the critical range of 10%
– 2 wood group settings for softwood, hardwood and wood
– based panels
– a reference scale 0-99 for non-wood building materials such
– as drywall, plaster and other “soft” building materials. For
– instance, to pinpoint problems around windows or showers,
– in leaky ceilings, after water lines broke or buildings were flooded.
– connection for external cables and electrode — to evaluate
– concrete or reach hidden areas for moisture testing, even
– behind 7″ of insulation.

The functionally designed mini-Ligno SD/C fits in your hand when measuring and is small enough to carry in a shirt-pocket. The green cap covers the pins during transportation and serves as a handle when pushing the pins into the wood. This unique design allows pushing behind the entire meter to insert the tapered pins easily. Longer pins are stored inside the meter for measuring thicker material. The short pins are ideal for surface or end cut readings and for veneer.
For measurements, push the pins into wood. The unique on-off switch between the pins, turns meter on automatically and bright LED lights instantly indicate moisture percentage.
An easy-to-use, reliable instrument.

Pins for mini-Lignos :
#MA Pins for a measuring depth of 3/16″…………… per pair $2.70
#MB Pins for a measuring depth of 7/16″…………… per pair $3.00


mini-Ligno S/DC Moisture Meter

Mini-Ligno moisture meters are made easy to use and sturdy. They give accurate and reliable measurements due to Lignomat’s advanced measuring technology. The unique LED display is unbreakable and includes a lifetime warranty. In addition it is bright enough to read in poorly lit areas.
Using moisture meters is the first step in determining the severity of moisture problems. Moisture can cause unsightly defects, deterioration, mold as well as unhealthy living conditions.
The mini-Ligno S/DC is designed for wood, drywall and building materials. Attachments are available to track moisture beyond the surface up to 7″ deep. Measuring range is high enough for wet lumber and low enough for wood floors and sub floors.
A perfect meter for the construction and restoration professional. In addition, home owners can make good use of a drywall moisture meter when checking for leaks or mold. The mini-Ligno S/DC includes calibrations for the following: 2 wood groups, 1 drywall, and 1 reference scale for other non-wood building materials. Check-ups can show, if water damage problems have been fixed. Lignomat offers 3 different attachments to measure hard to reach areas. For example around pipes, under wall boards, roofs, in corners or EIFS applications. Click for S/DC package summary.

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