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Jual Magnetic Stirrer ESP Velp


ESP Ultraflat Magnetic Stirrer
Ultraflat magnetic stirrer with no moving mechanical components: it is therefore maintenance-free.

Attractive Design, Remarkable Performance
With an attractive and eye-catching aspect, ESP magnetic stirrer is the VELP Scientifica ultra-flat compact magnetic stirrer, maintenance-free as there are no moving mechanical components.
The control panel is protected against possible damage caused by liquid spills thanks to a special run-off groove.
An excellent mixing is ensured by the gentle start-up and the maximum speed of 1100 rpm, quickly reached.

Durable Design
– Maintenance-free – no moving parts
– Control panel is protected from liquid spills with run-off groove
– Technopolymer casing resists chemicals
– Accepts up to 5 liter flasks
– Designed for the longest lifespan

Dependable Applications
– Surface ideal for visualization of particles and color changes
– Ideal for microtitration, microbiology and biochemistry
– Soft start but rapidly reaching set speed

Convenient to Use
– Ergonomic – very low height
– Speed regulation up to 1100 rpm
– Universal mains voltage / frequency rangea
– Light weight


Model: ESP, 100-240 V / 50-60 Hz, Cat. No. : F206A0179
Construction material: technopolymer
Power: 5 W
Weight: 0.9 Kg (2.0 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 160x33x230 mm (6.3×1.3×9 in)
Stirring speed: up to 1100 rpm
Stirring volume (H2O): up to 5 liters



Jual Magnetic Stirrer ESP Velp

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