Jual Lever Hois NITCHI RB-5 Series

Lever Hois NITCHI RB-5 (0,5t, 0,8t, 1,6t, 3,2t, 6,3t)

Specifications :-


NITCHI – Lever Hois RB-5 (0,5t, 0,8t, 1,6t, 3,2t, 6,3t)


Item no. Rated load
Standard lift
Pulling effort
Net weight
Test load
RB50050(F) 0.5 1.0 416 3.5 0.75
RB50080(F) 0.8 1.5 260 5.5 1.2
RB50160(F) 1.6 305 9.6 2.4
RB50320(F) 3.2 385 16.3 4.8
RB50630(F) 6.3 390 30.5 7.9

The “F” suffix on each item number indicates that it is equipped with an overload protection unit.
The “P” (pulling effort) refers to average manual force applied within 50 mm from the lever end.

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