Jual Colony Counter ColonyStar Funke Gerber


Colony Counter with colored illumination Cat. No. 8500

Optimal contrast conditions :
– By the customization of the color (pat. pend.) and the brightness – an effortlessy work is made possible.
– Color choice: 65 color variants, made from the primary colors red/green/blue – are available.
– Brightness: The brightness can be adjusted in 65 steps.

Automatic counting :
The counting impulse is activated by the pressuresensitive counting plate. The pressure sensitivity for the count can be adjusted. Any ordinary felt-tip pen can be used for the marking.

Technical description :
– Easy-to-clean plastic casing, height adjustable, illumination area of 145 mm Ø with 1 cm2 and 1/9 cm2 graduation. Petri dishes of up to 145 mm Ø can be used. The supplied reducing insert can be used for dishes with smaller diameters.
– Dimensions (LxHxW): 27,5 x 8 x 30cm
– Weight: appr. 1,7 kg
– Connected loads: 230 V/50 Hz

Following Accessories are included :
– Magnifying glass 8501
– Wolffhügeldisk, white 8502
– Wolffhügeldisk, black 8505
– Felt-tip marker 8504
– Reducing insert


Jual Colony Counter ColonyStar Funke Gerber

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