MGK Kemayoran LT.GF Blok C.1 No.5

Lutron PAM-9212SD

  • Air Velocity : 1 to 100.0 m/s.
  • Dual & differential input, 200 mbar max. range.
  • Application : Industrial, laboratory, heating, ventilation, medical hospital, used for air or not corrosive and not ionized gas & liquid. Sensor is built inside the housing.
  • Single plugs for pipe connection.
  • Auto shut off saves battery life.
  • Zero button on the front panel, easy to offset the zero value.
  • Microprocessor circuit assures maximum possible accuracy, provides special functions and features.
  • Super large LCD display with contrast adjustment for best viewing angle.
  • Real time data logger, save the data into the SD memory card and can be downloaded to the Excel, extra software is no need.
  • SD card capacity : 1 GB to 16 GB.
  • CD with green light backlight, easy reading.
  • It can default auto power off or manual power off.
  • Data hold, record max. and min. reading.
  • Power by UM3/AA ( 1.5 V ) x 6 batteries or DC 9V adapter.
  • RS232/USB PC COMPUTER interface.


Circuit Custom one-chip of microprocessor LSI circuit.
Display LCD size : 51 mm x 37 mm
LCD with green backlight ( ON/OFF ).
Display units Air vilocity : m/s, km/h, FPM, mph, knots
Air pressure: psi , inch Hg , inch H2O , h PA , kPA, mbar, Kg/cm2 , mm Hg , meter H2O , Atmosphere.
Measurement Function Air vilocity & Dual differential input, data hold, zero/relative, memory.
Zero adjust
Push button on the front panel.
* Sensor is built inside the housing.
* Piezoelectric sensor.
* Used for dry, non-corrosive and non-ionic air and gas only. Liquid is prohibited.
Sampling Time
Setting range
Auto 1 sec to 8 Hour 59 Minute 59 sec.
@ Sampling time can set to 1 second, but memory data may loss.
Manual Push the data logger button once will save data one time.
@ Set the sampling time to 0 second.
@ Manual mode, can also select the 1 to 99 position ( Location ) no.
Data error no. <= 0.1 % no. Of total saved data typically.
Memory Card SD memory card. 1 GB to 16 GB.
Advanced setting * Set clock time (Year/Month/Date,Hour/Minute/ Second )
* Set sampling time
* Auto power OFF management
* Set beep Sound ON/OFF
* Decimal point of SD card setting
* SD memory card Format
* Air density setting
Data Hold Freeze the display reading.
Memory Recall Maximum & Minimum value.
Sampling Time of Display Approx. 1 second.
Data Output RS 232/USB PC computer interface.
* Connect the optional RS232 cable UPCB-02 will get the RS232 plug.
* Connect the optional USB cable USB-01 will get the USB plug.
Operating Temperature Meter 0 to 50 ℃.
Operating Humidity Less than 85% R.H.
Power Supply * Alkaline or heavy duty DC 1.5 V battery ( UM3, AA ) x 6 PCs, or equivalent.
* DC 9V adapter input. ( AC/DC power adapter is optional ).
Power Current Normal operation ( w/o SD card save data and LCD Backlight is OFF) : Approx. DC 7 mA.
When SD card save the data and LCD Backlight is OFF) : Approx. DC 25 mA.
* If LCD backlight on, the power consumption will increase approx. 10 mA.
Weight 265 g / 0.59 LB.
Dimension Meter 190 x 68 x 45 mm
(7.5 x 2.7x 1.8 inch)
Accessories Included * Instruction manual…………………………………… 1 PC.
* PLug for quick coupler……………………………… 2 PCs.
* Pito tube 018……………………………………………. 1 PC.
* Silicon Soft tube 01( 50 cm )……………………… 2 PCs.
Optional SD memory card ( 4 GB )
AC to DC 9V adapter.
USB cable, USB-01.
RS232 cable, UPCB-02.
Data Acquisition software,SW-U801-WIN.