Jual Vortex Mixer 250VM 260VM Hwashin


Vortex Mixer Model 250VM / 260VM
Our Vortex Mixers are general laboratory equipment and intended for applications where vortexing of single or multiple tubes is required.

Features :
– Adjustable speed control by a toggle switch
– A two-position power switch (FULL/TOUCH selector) enables the mixer to be operated continuously or by depression of the rubber top.
– Suitable for the experiments of mixture, reaction and dissolution of fluid samples in a moment
– Proper speed according to the environment of experiments can be achieved with a toggle switch.

Specifications :


Model 250VM 260VM
Type Test Tube Flat Head
Head Material NBR PE Foam
Housing Material Engineering ABS
Speed Max 3,000 rpm
Dimensions W135 x D185 x H180mm W135 x D185 x H190mm
Required Power 40 watt
Net Weight 2.75 kg
Voltage Available from 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz



Jual Vortex Mixer 250VM 260VM Hwashin

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