Jual Viscometer Rheometer Brookfield RST Soft Solids Tester


RST Soft Solids Tester Rheometer
The RST-SST is a high end, touch screen rheometer that uses vane spindle geometry in both controlled stress and controlled rate modes to characterize creep behavior as well as yield stress and viscosity profiles.

Controlled stress/rate operation to analyze comprehensive flow behavior
Capable of measurements in BU units for viscous material such as joint compound
Easy test methods for materials with particulate, slurries and stiff pastes with data for viscoelastic characteristics such as yield stress, shear modulus and creep
Quantifies properties like wobbliness, sloppiness, consistency and texture
Spindle barcode for auto spindle recognition
Quick and easy automatic or manual gap setting
User-friendly LCD touch screen with graphical display
11 memory slots for structured multi-step test programs
Auto spindle identity recognition
Quick connect coupling for easy spindle attachment
Can also be used with coaxial cylinders for flow curve analysis
Optional Rheo 3000 Software for PC control and data management
21 CFR compliance for controlled user access and data security


Jual Viscometer Rheometer Brookfield RST Soft Solids Tester

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