Jual Vibration Meter VM 63A Rion



Vibration Meter


Easy and quick operation just by Pressing a tip of accelerometer the machinery measurement Point against


Features :

– Integrated accelerometer and digital display

– Newly designed shear type piezoelectric pickup measures a wide vibration range simply by being held against measurement object

– Wide measurement range, from low frequencies characteristic of unbalanced rotation and misalignment, to high frequencies resulting from bearing vibrations

– Measures acceleration (m/s2 peak), velocity(mm/s rms), and displacement (mm p-p)

– Wide-range design eliminates the need for frequent measurement range switching

– Hold function makes measurement results easy to read

– Auto power off design without power switch conserves battery power by shutting the unit off automatically

– Pocket size dimensions (185x68x30 mm) and light weight (250 g including battery)


Jual Vibration Meter VM 63A Rion

Jual Alat Laboratorium Umum

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