Jual Ultrasonic Cleaner Hwashin 500 Series


Ultrasonic Cleaner POWERSONIC 500 Series
The Most Powerful Bench-top Ultrasonic Cleaner

Features :
– Backlit LCD screen (Furnishing all information)
– Selectable use of ultrasonic power (3 steps : Low-1, Medium-2, High-3)
– Easy to adjust time and temperature setting with number key
– Strong power and durability enhanced by built-in BLT transducer
– Manual function key for turning ON/OFF the heater
– Built-in alarm function for operation stop
– Stainless steel tray (Optional)

Specifications :


Display 70 x 40mm LCD Screen
Transducer Industrial BLT Type
Time Range 1~99 min (Digital)
Temp. Range Ambient~70°C (Digital)
Frequency 40 KHz
Housing Material ABS
Bath Capacity 5.7 L 10.7 L 20.7 L
Bath Dimensions W300 x D155 x H150mm W300 x D240 x H150mm W500 x D300 x H150mm
Overall Dimensions W500 x D285 x H260mm W510 x D375 x H280mm W720 x D450 x H280mm
Tray Dimensions W240 x D140 x H150mm W255 x D200 x H100mm W500 x D300 x H150mm
Required Power 350 watt 400 watt 700 watt
Net Weight 7 kg 9 kg 14 kg
Voltage Available from 100 to 240V, 50/60Hz



Jual Ultrasonic Cleaner Hwashin 500 Series

Jual Alat Laboratorium Umum

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