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Jual Thickness Gauge for Rubber Hildebrand


Thickness Gauge for Rubber
The Hildebrand thickness gauge is a cost efficient and easy to use instrument for measuring the thickness of rubber of rubber-like materials. The constant force enables repeatable readings. Suitable for materials with hardness ≥35 IRHD. An additional contact point is avaliable for measurements <35 IRHD.
Features :
– ISO 23529 conform
– Manual lifter and cable release
– Constant Measuring force
– Digital Gauge
– Resolution 0,001 mm
– Measuring way 12,5 mm
– Table Ø50 mm
– Contact point Ø4 mm (≥35 IRHD)
– Total height 200 mm
– Range approx. ca. 90 mm
– Net Weight: 2,5 kg
– HilMeasure Software (optional)

Orderl-No.: 219 080 Thickness Gauge for Rubber


Jual Thickness Gauge for Rubber Hildebrand

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