MGK Kemayoran LT.GF Blok C.1 No.5

Jual Sound Level Meter NA 28 Rion


Sound Level Meter, Class 1 (and 1/3 octave band real-time analyzer)

The top of the Rion range of sound level meters and analyzers for acoustical experts and specialists

• Easy to use compact design with comprehensive features
• Superb high–contrast backlit TFT-LCD color display
• Simultaneous real-time octave band and 1/3 octave band frequency analysys.
• One keystroke to switch between sound level meter and analyzer display
• Massive storage capacity using text files stored to CompactFlash memory cards (CF card)
• Flexible and simple PC connectivity (CF card and USB Virtual Disk)
• Exceptional battery life using standard alkaline batteries, approx. 16 hours

Measurement range :
• A 25 dB to 140 dB
• C 33 dB to 140 dB
• Z 38 dB to 140 dB

Inherent Noise :
• A 17 dB or less
• C 25 dB or less
• Z 30 dB or less

Frequency Range : 10 Hz to 20 kHz


Jual Sound Level Meter NA 28 Rion

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