Jual Single Speed – S Series MAKISHINKO

MAKISHINKO – Single Speed – S Series

Single Speed Worm Reduction Gears Features


Quiet operation
Compared to hypoid and helical gears, worm reduction gears offer quiet and smooth operation through slip transmission.
Orthogonal shafts
Orthogonal shafts make space saving design possible.
Reduction ratio
A single speed with a high reduction ratio (10 to 60)
Shaft layout
Input shafts available include the shaft available in all models and dual shaft (optional) models.
Output shafts available include the shaft available in all models, dual shaft (optional) and hollow models.
A wide range is available from 47 to 56,600 Nm.
19 models available in the product line from 50 to 500
A wide range of variations includes the B, W and K series.
  • Torque: 12.7 to 56,600 Nm,
  • Reduction ratio: 10 to 60



A worm gear is a type of interlocking gear composed of a worm shaft and worm wheel. The worm is shaped like a screw and the worm wheel is a type of gear machined to have a tooth profile with the same configuration. The operation of a worm gear is similar with that of a bolt and nut. The principle is the same as a nut that has been fixed so that it cannot rotate and therefore progresses in the axial direction when the bolt is turned. The design of a worm gear is thought of through the relationship between the rack and spur gear on the middle plane of the worm wheel.


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