Jual Sechi disk Alat Laboratorium

Spesifikasi Sechi disk Alat Laboratorium
Lake Partners’ Programme (MOE) Secchi Disc (water clarity/turbidity)

The goal of the Lake Partner Program is to protect the quality of Ontario’s inland lakes by involving citizens in a volunteer-based water quality monitoring program. The Lake Partner Program is a province-wide, volunteer-based, water-quality monitoring program. Volunteers collect total phosphorus samples and make monthly water clarity observations on their lakes. This information will allow the early detection of changes in the nutrient status and/or the water clarity of the lake due to the impacts of shoreline development, climate change and other stresses.

Volunteer involvement requires the collection of one water sample for total phosphorus in May for lakes on the Canadian Shield. These samples are returned postage paid to the Dorset Environmental Science Centre for analysis. In addition, volunteers are asked to make a minimum of 6 (monthly) water clarity observations using a Secchi disk. These observations are mailed to Dorset at the end of the summer.


Jual Sechi disk Alat Laboratorium


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