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Jual Sanwa LCR700 LCR Meter

Specifications Sanwa LCR700 LCR Meter

Functions Ranges Best Accuracy
Ls/Lp 20.000u/200.00u/2000.0u/20.000m/200.00m/2000.0m
Cs/Cp 200.00p/2000.0p/20.00n/200.00n/2000.0n/
20.000u/200.00u/2000.0u/20.00mF(50pF or less: out of accuracy)
Rs/Rp 20.000/200.00/2.0000k/20.000k/
Ω(DCR) 200.00/2.0000k/20.000k/200.00k/
Sampling rate 1.2 times / second (LCR mode)
0.5 times /second (DCR mode)
Measureemnt frequencies 100/120/1k/10k/100kHz
Power supply 6LF22/6LR61 alkaline 9V
Battery life Approx. 35 hours (auto LCR mode, 1 kHz)
Size / Mass H184×W87×D45 mm / Approx. 400g

Optional Accessories:

  • LCR USB cable:LCR-USB
  • SMD clip lead :CL-700SMD
  • AC adapter:AD-30-2


Sanwa LCR700 LCR Meter

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This instrument features a device value sorting function, allowing users to quickly sort passive devices in situations such as incoming inspections.

Sanwa LCR700 | Handheld Digital LCR Meter | Sanwa-America.com

Features Sanwa LCR700 LCR Meter

  • Measuring Frequency DC~100kHz
  • Ls/Lp/Cs/Cp measurement with sub parameters (D/Q/θ/ESR)
  • Automatically selectable L/C/R measurement
  • Device Sorting mode
  • Optical link USB interface(optional) : LCR-USB
  • Data hold, Back light