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Jual Sanfix GM8910 Digital Anemometer

Specifications Sanfix GM8910 Digital Anemometer

Measuring item Measuring range Resolution Accuracy Response time
Temperature -20-60ºC 0.1ºC ±1.0ºC 1s
Humidity 0-100% RH 0.1% RH ±5% RH
Wind chill -40-10ºC 0.1ºC ±2.0ºC
Dew point -40-60ºC 0.1ºC ±2.0ºC
Wind speed 0.7-30m/s 0.1m/s ±3% or ±0.3m/s
Barometric pressure 300-1100hPa 0.1hPa ±0.1hPa
Altitude -500-9000m 1m
Illumination 0-55000Lx 1Lx ±3%



Product Description

Sanfix GM8910 Digital Anemometer

For those of you who work as fishermen or profession occupations at sea, of course really need a tool that can measure wind speed to predict wind speed and predict whether there will be a storm approaching his ship. For this reason, there is now a wind speed measuring device that is needed by fishermen and the like. Anemometer is a digital wind speed measuring device so it is very easy for users of this tool to read the movement and also the wind speed around it.

Features Sanfix GM8910 Digital Anemometer

  • Data saving function: manually saving and automatically recording data
  • Unit switching function
  • Supporting Chinese and English
  • Adopting a matrix liquid-crystal display screen so that the display content is richer
  • LCD backlight display
  • Battery level display