Jual Safety Visor Holder Blue Eagle A2

Product Name: A2 Visor Bracket
Standards: EN 166, ANSI Z87.1
Material: ABS
Color: Black


  • Fits all FC series visors
    The visor bracket can fit all FC series visors.
  • Fits regular safety helmets
    The visor bracket can be combined with most safety helmets and used with various types of safety visors.
  • Quick and easy visor replacement
    Visor brackets and visors can be assembled and taken apart easily and quickly, and used in combination.
  • Comprehensive protections
    Different visors offer different types of protection. The user may select an appropriate faceshield according to the needs of the work environment.
  • Made in Taiwan

Additional information

Item No. A2
Product Name Bracket
Standards EN166
ANSI Z87.1
Material ABS
Color Black
Packaging 25 pcs/inner box
100 pcs/carton