Jual Safety Goggles Blue Eagle GW250

Product Name:GW250 Goggles
Standards: EN166, EN170, EN175, ANSI Z87.1
Cover Lens: PC, Clear
Welding Filter: Glass, Shade #5
Frame: PVC, Green
Type: Worn on the head
Lens holder: Flip-up
Lens size: (Round) Diameter 50 mm


  • Impact resistance
    Includes front and side impact resistance.
  • Resistance to ignition and hot penetration
    According to the testing method of the European standard, heat one end of a steel rod, 300 mm long and 6 mm nominal diameter to 650 ℃. Press the heated face of the rod against the surface of the sample for 5 seconds. The welding helmet must not ignite, continue to glow nor be pierced.
  • Electrical insulation
    The welding helmets provides excellent electrical insulation.
  • Light reflectance
    All inside surfaces of the welding helmet have a matt finish.
  • Light attenuation
    The welding helmet shell can block harmful light during the welding process, and no unattenuated light is visible in any position of the welding helmet.
  • Quick and easy lens replacement
    Due to the patented design, filter lenses and cover lenses can be installed and removed easily and quickly.
  • Made in Taiwan

Additional information

Item No. GW250
Product Name Welding Goggles
Standards EN166
ANSI Z87.1
Material Cover Lens: Polycarbonate
Welding Filter: Glass
Frame: PVC
Color Cover Lens: Clear
Welding Filter: Shade #5
Frame: Green
Type Worn on the head
Lens holder Flip-up
Lens size (Round) Diameter 50 mm
Packaging 120 pcs/carton