Jual Refrigerated Heating Circulators Stereo 100 Hwashin


Stereo 100
Refrigerated Water Circulator
Stereo 100, as an optimized refrigerated water circulator for heating and cooling, effectively keeps the temperature constant under required conditions and the temperature can be adjustable between -20°C and 80°C with the precise stability of +/- 0.1°C.
Stereo 100, a single set of equipment, can be used not only with the rotary evaporators for cooling but with the viscometers or saccharometers for keeping the temperature constant.
Its compact size also enables installation/use of a refrigerated water circulator even in a cramped space.

Convenience :
· Easy to read the operation status on a digital LCD display.
· Flat-type top plate for better utilization of space.
· Elegant and modern design.
· Equipped with the high quality casters for greater mobility.
· Easy-to-open front grill for cleaning of the condenser.
· Built-in drain unit

Stability :
· The liquid level sensor triggers an automatic alarm & shutdown if the bath liquid needs to be replenished.
· Protective functions against lack of liquid, overheating and refrigerator overcurrent.
· Use of environment-friendly refrigerant.

Control System :
· The control panel with a jog shuttle for a more accurate/easier temperature setting.
· Precise temperature control enabled by a temperature correction function.
· Automatic shutdown of the cooling compressor, if it is set to be 5°C higher than current temperature.


Jual Refrigerated Heating Circulators Stereo 100 Hwashin

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