Jual Overhead Stirrer Mixer ROTAX 6.8 Velp


ROTAX 6.8 Overhead Mixer
Overhead mixer that offers excellent performance for all the applications where rotating, shaking and mixing are required.

Evaluation of pollutants solubility in water, from sludges, sediments and solid wastes by waste treatment plants, waste water treatment plants, laboratories for waste analysis, laboratories for environmental analysis (sludge, sediments)

Accurate Control
– Electronic speed regulation up to 30 rpm
– LCD speed display
– Complies with UNI 10802 and DIN 38414 standards

Convenient & Safe Operation
– Accepts 6 x 2 L or 8 x 1 L bottles (with adapter)
– Rotation stops automatically if blocked

Robust Design
– Strong resistance to chemical and mechanical corrosion


Models: – ROTAX 6.8, 230 V / 50–60 Hz, Cat. No. : F10600118

– ROTAX 6.8, 115 V / 50–60 Hz, Cat. No. : F10610118

Construction material: epoxy painted metal structure
Number of bottles supported: 6 bottles of 2-liter capacity
8 bottles of 1-liter capacity (with adapter)
Display: LCD
Bottle maximum height: 1l bottle: 270 mm
2l bottle: 280 mm
Bottle minimum height: 1l bottle: 200 mm
2l bottle: 220 mm
Bottle maximum diameter: 1l bottle: 110 m
2l bottle: 135 mm
Power: 100 W
Power supply: 115 V or 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight: 30 kg (66 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 665x520x470 mm (26.2×20.5×18.5 in)
Electronic control of speed rotation: from 0 to 30 rpm
Resolution: 1 rpm



Jual Overhead Stirrer Mixer ROTAX 6.8 Velp

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