Jual Multi Gas Detector MSA ALTAIR 4X (4 Gas)

Multi Gas Detector MSA ALTAIR 4X (4 Gas)

MSA Altair 4X Multi-Gas Detector -O2/LEL/CO/H2S
Get a great deal on our most popular, best selling, fastest moving multi-gas detector! The MSA Altair® 4X Multigas Detector is built on years of sensor design experience, MSA is revolutionizing sensor technology. With reliable, extended-life XCell Sensors, there’s no need to replace sensors after two years. (Typical life greater than four years).
These units are brand new and have been manufactured within the past couple weeks.

Performance Features
4-gas XCell (O2, CO, H2S, LEL)
Full three-year warranty
MotionAlert feature is now standard
Rugged Housing withstands 20-foot drop
Agency certified IP67 rating
Four year sensor life – 60% longer then industry average
24 hour run time
data logging
Fast, high-performing sensors
MSA exclusive MotionAlert & InstantAlert Features
Galaxy System compatible
Global approvals
Economically priced
MSA Link Software-ready
50% less calibration gas used per minute then industry average

Whats in the Box:
Altair4X with O2,CO,H2S,LEL Sensors
120V Charger
Calibration Cap & tubing
CD Manuel


Multi Gas Detector MSA ALTAIR 4X (4 Gas)

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