Jual Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate AREX 6 Connect PRO Velp


AREX-6 Connect PRO The First Cloud Enabled Hot Plate Stirrer
The first hot plate stirrer with WiFi connection to the VELP Ermes Cloud Platform. Ceramic coated aluminum plate, time and autoreverse features that comes complete of Pt100 temperature probe for precise thermoregulation.

Redefining Safety Standards :
– Independent safety circuits protects the instrument in case of overtemperature
– The heat is activated by tapping the knob preventing unintentional heat up
– Hot top warning system prevents potential burning
– Adjustable temperature limit
– Probe alarm detects that the probe is not immersed in the medium and stops the heat
– Resistant die-cast housing (IP 42) for maximum protections of the internal part of the instrument.
– The fast heating CerAlTop™ plate resist to chemicals and scratches ensuring long life-span
– The stirring speed ramps up gently avoiding spillages risks
– The optional and tailor-made Silicon Protective Cover protects the stirrer from spillage damages
– The AREX-6 Connect PRO is designed for the longest lifespan and guaranteed by 3 years warranty.

Engineered for Performance & Usability :
– PID software controlled thermoregulation for fast, accurate and stable temperature control
– Maximum temperature control accuracy up to 370°C
– Precise temperature setting with resolution of 1°C
– Extremely powerful brushless motor able to stir from 30 up to 1700 rpm (5 rpm steps)
– Accepts up to 20 liter flasks
– The torque compensation technology SpeedServo™ maintains the rpm constant as viscosity changes
– The Alnico Magnet provides state-of-the-art magnetic coupling and guarantees superior peripheral stirring
– The icons and display ensure the operator always to have a clear readout of the working conditions
– The rich advanced menu permits the operator to configure the hot plate stirrer with the most suitable setting for each Lab

Unique Features and Improved Productivity :
– Integrated timer for unattended operations
– Auto-reverse option of the stirring direction for enhanced kinetics
– The MultiAluBlock™ and the new MonoAluBlock™ permit to perform numerous reactions saving time and bench space
– The new Hemispheric Bowls set permits to replace oil baths and mantles in order to perform clean and safe reactions with round bottom flasks
– PTFE Safety Covers are designed to minimize thermal dispersion and increase safety

Cloud-Enabled Instrument :
– Effortlessly connect to the cloud your AREX-6 Connect PRO via WiFi in complete safety
– Real time monitoring and notification via VELP Ermes Cloud Platform
– Immediate Software Updates (OTA)
– Access to your data via PC, smartphone and tablet
– Create and share reports, track trend and get useful insights

Choose your preferred solution, take advantage to order with one code a complete solution:
– AREX-6 Connect PRO with Pt100: includes the Pt100 temperature probe with temperature control accuracy of 1°C
– AREX-6 Connect PRO with Pt100, Rod and Clamp: includes the Pt100 temperature probe, Support rod and clamp with temperature control accuracy of 1°C


Models – AREX-6 Connect PRO with Probe – Package, 230 V / 50-60Hz, Cat. No. : SA20500465

– AREX-6 Connect PRO with Probe, Rod and Clamp, 230 V / 50-60Hz, Cat. No. : SB20500465

VELP Ermes Connection Yes
User Interface Digital
Connectivity Cloud via WiFi
Motor Brushless
Plate Material CerAlTop™ (ceramic coated aluminul alloy)
Plate Diameter 135 mm
Stirring Volume (H2O) Up to 20L
Stirring Speed Range 30-1700 rpm
Speed Accuracy 5 rpm
Speed Control Digital
Torque Compensation SpeedServo™
Temperature Range Room temp. – 370 °C
Heat Control Digital
Heat Setting Resolution 1 °C
External Digital Thermoregulators Connect VTF/VTF EVO
External Probe Connection Pt100
Medium Heat Control Accuracy ± 0,5 °C (VTF/ VTF EVO)
± 1 °C (PT100)
Timer Yes
Auto-Reverse Yes
Probe Detector Yes
Hot Top Warning System On Display
On/Off Safety-Heating-Switch Yes
Protection Class IP42
Dimensions (WxHxD) 160x105x280 (6.3×4.1×11 in)
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40 °C
Power Input 630 W
Weight 2,6 kg (5.7 lb)



Jual Magnetic Stirrer with Hotplate AREX 6 Connect PRO Velp

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