Jual Liquid Cup Sampler

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Spesifikasi Liquid Cup Sampler

Alat Laboratorium Umum

Part No. Overall Length Nominal Cup Volume Max. Diameter of Cup
5030A-600 600mm 100ml 55mm
5030A-1000 1000mm 100ml 55mm
5030A-1500 1500mm 100ml 55mm

5030J-1000 1000mm 500ml 80mm
5030J-1500 1500mm 500ml 80mm

8001N-1100 Narrow Cleaning Brush – 1100mm
8001N- 1600 Narrow Cleaning Brush – 1600mm


Liquid Sampler

1. Insert the sampler to the required depth.

2. Squeeze handle which pushes the cup away from the lid, allowing the liquid to enter the cup.

3. After filling remove the sampler.

4. To empty the sampler either tip the sampler whilst squeezing the handle or unscrew the collecting cup.

Materil:304 or 316 stainless steel

cup volume*overall length

100ml *0.5m


200ml *1m

Produk lain : https://distributorflowmeters.com/


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