Jual Lignometer K Moisture Meter


5-99% dependent upon species setting*
Resolution 0.1% for entire measuring range
over 125 individualized settings for wood species corrections
Temperature Corrections 00F to 210 0F
Gypsum (sheetrock) Scale -150C to 95 0C
Reference Scale 0-99 for non-wood building materials
Calibration Check The calibration is internally checked and automatically adjusted if necessary
Battery one 9V battery
Size 2.5″x 4.75″x1″ (60x120x25mm)
Weight 8 ounces (200g), made out of high-impact plastic
Electrodes Electrode or PK Probe required >> click here for a choice of attachments

Ease of operation: Depress SET Button to check settings for species and wood temperature. Use up or down buttons to correct wood species and wood temperature settings. Depress % Button for moisture readings. Instrument turns itself off automatically.The Package K-2 consists of the Lignometer K (F or C), the Electrode E12, the BNC Cable and the Case M.

The Lignometer K was designed for reliability and accuracy as well as sturdiness and ease of operation:
Like the mini-Lignos these sophisticated instruments have proven to perform well in rough mill environments with day-to-day usage.
Pushbuttons are located for one hand operation, while the other hand handles the electrode. All moisture readings are instantly displayed and corrected for pre-set wood species and wood temperature. Over 125 settings for wood species corrections are pre-programmed in the Lignometer K. For any unlisted wood species, contact Lignomat Customer Service. If we do not know the setting, we offer to test wood samples to determine the setting.

Professional Packages and in-Kiln Monitors are available for the Lignometer K, please contact Customer Service for detailed quotes.


Lignometer K Moisture Meter

Reliability, calibration accuracy and ease-of-operation are the outstanding features of this meter with over 125 Individual Wood Species Corrections and a wide measuring range. Built sturdy to withstand harsh mill environments.
The Lignometer K incorporates the most advanced measuring technology for pin meters from Lignomat. With the widest measuring range this meter has been used for wood and many non-wood applications.
The wide measuring range allows measuring lumber when it first arrives at the mill, during the kiln drying process, until the final check when the finished product is shipped off to the customer. If the lumber is hot or cold built-in corrections will compensate for different wood temperatures. Ideal for in-kiln readings with PK Probes and Cables.
A meter you can trust.
The wide measuring range is also needed for construction, inspection and restoration applications for evaluating water damaged materials. The meter indicates small changes in moisture content over its entire measuring range up to 7″ deep. That makes it easy to accurately pin point questionable areas, where too much moisture has been absorbed.

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