Jual Laboratory Reactors LR 1000 basic Package Ika


LR 1000 basic Package
The LR 1000 basic is a cost efficient, modular laboratory reactor designed for optimizing chemical reaction processes as well as for mixing, dispersing and homogenization applications at the laboratory scale. The reactor is especially designed for the unique applications requirements that define the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. The temperature of the medium can be as high as 120 ºC. The temperature of the heating source, which is located at the bottom of the vessel, is controlled accordingly to reach the set temperature inside the medium. A PT 100.30 temperature sensor and the corresponding receptacle LR 1000.61 for the lid are included with this package.

– Digital display for monitoring the speed and temperature
– Expandable for use with the ULTRA- TURRAX® T 25 digital (Accessory)
– Standard joint fittings on the lid: 1x NS 29, 3x NS 14 for flexible adaptation of further equipment
– Vacuum valve included with delivery
– Anchor stirrer with PTFE-scrapers available (Accessory)
– Connections to attach a cooling source to the back of the unit
– Manual adjustable safety circuit
– Integrated safety shutdown when vessel or lid is removed from the base

Technical data :
Support rod diameter (with integrated fastening on stand) : 16mm
Viscosity max. : 100000mPas
Nominal torque : 3Nm
Attainable vacuum : 25mbar
Working temperature max. : 120°C
Speed max. : 150rpm
Speed min. : 10rpm
Weight : 16kg
Heat control accuracy of medium with sensor : 0.2±K
Voltage : 230V
Usable volume max. : 1000ml
Heat output : 1000W
Cooling medium temperature min. : 3°C
Cooling medium permissible operating pressure : 1bar
Width : 443mm
Usable volume without disperser tool min. : 500ml
Depth : 295mm
Height : 360mm
Power input : 1200W
Usable volume with disperser tool min. : 300ml
Adjustable safety circuit, lower temperature value deviation : 10±K
Speed deviation : 5±rpm
Adjustable safety circuit, upper temperature value : 225°C
Adjustable safety circuit, lower temperature value : 47°C
Adjustable safety circuit, upper temperature value deviation : 20±K
Temperature measurement resolution : 0.1K
Speed min (adjustable) : 10rpm
Speed display : 7 segment LED
Temperature display : yes
Connection for ext. temperature sensor : PT 100
Speed control : 1 RPM steps
Type of cooling : flow
Heat control : LED


Jual Laboratory Reactors LR 1000 basic Package Ika

Jual Alat Laboratorium Umum

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