Jual Cooled Incubator FTC 120 Velp


FTC 120 Cooled Incubator
High-efficiency (A+ class) medium-size refrigerated incubator specially designed for incubating BOD measurement units.

Energy Saving Combined With Superior Performance
VELP incubators are characterized by a high-efficiency ratedue to their cooling system in A+ class, to better preserve both the environment and what is kept inside.
You’ll save money while conserving energy with A+ rated refrigerators.

Large Capacity
VELP incubators bring excellent condition for storage. The enhanced storage capacity offers more space inside where you can easily accommodate up to three BOD Sensor System 6, BOD EVO Sensor System 6 or two BOD Sensor System 10 simultaneously
Special BOD Design
– Samples incubated at the standard 20 °C
– Internal sockets to power BOD measuring devices
– Accepts 3 BOD Sensor System 6, or 2 BOD Sensor System 10

Controlled Conditions
– Uniform temperature by the use of forced ventilation
– 2-digit display of internal temperature

High Efficiency
– Cooling system in A+ class energy rated
– Low operating cost


Model : FTC 120, Cat. No. F10300300
Total volume: 120 liters
Electronic thermoregulation system: Traditional
Number of shelves included: 2
Number of sockets: 2 internal electrical current sockets
Power: 120 W
Power supply: 230 V / 50-60 Hz
Weight: 36.0 kg (79.4 lb)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 540x912x550 mm (21.3×49.7×21.7 in)
Temperature regulation: 20 °C, constant
Internal temperature stability: ± 0.5 °C
Digital display: 2-digit, 1 °C resolution



Jual Cooled Incubator FTC 120 Velp

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