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ECO Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System
The ECO Bomb Calorimeter is the most affordable of the DDS Scientific product range. The ECO is the most compact and cost-effective of all the models on offer. The ECO can handle 1 determination in an hour. It has been designed with the academic user in mind. It is ideal for low volume sample requirements typically found in Educational Institutions. The ECO Bomb calorimeter System is packaged complete with : Calorimeter, Filling Station, and Two Vessels.


Feature Description
Low Volume Application Low Volume Application : 1 Sample per hour with 1 vessel
No Water Required No water required during sample determination
Cost-Effective The CAL2K ECO calorimeter is inexpensive
No Operator Attention Required No operator attention required during analysis
LCD Prompts LCD display to prompt faults and progress
Intelligent Vessel Uses the intelligent CAL2K Vessel
Compact Small and compact design
PC Keyboard Uses a standard PC Keyboard
Uses Windows Operating Software Results retrieval connected to PC, using Windows based Operating Software
+1000 Results Stores 1024 results and other variables
Self-Incrementing Sample ID Sample Identification is settable and self-incrementing
Vessel Temp. for Spreadsheet Analysis Vessel temperature can “stream” to a PC for user spreadsheet analysis
Factory Setup for Standard Operation Factory setup for standard operation with optional value changes
Optional Spiking Can use spiking for hard to combust samples
Mass Entry Through Balance Connects directly to balance for mass entry
Built-In Diagnostic Built-in diagnostic, ideal for first hand diagnostic
Works in BTU/lb, Calories/grams or MJ/Kg  
5000 determination cycles before vessel inspection  
External power supply for 9V, 100mA is supplied  



Jual Calorimeter ECO DDS Calorimeters

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