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CAL3K-U Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter System
A UNIVERSITY FOCUSED BOMB CALORIMETER – Our most affordable entry-level system is specifically manufactured for university applications. If you require fast, robust, and accurate results, but need to analyze less than 8 samples per hour, this is the calorimeter for you.
APPLICATION : The CAL3K-U is the University Edition in the CAL3K range, mainly suited for universities and educational institutions.

It is best suited for a production environment which requires robust, fast, and accurate results. The CAL3K-U is ideal for thermodynamics teaching, analyzing the combustion energy of non-gaseous substances, safety applications, and for research and quality control. The system includes the manual filling station, bayonet bomb vessel and air cooler with the calorimeter.

The CAL3K-U conforms to ASTM D5865-12, ASTM D4809-13, ISO 1928-2009, and DIN 51900-2 international standards. The CAL3K-U bomb calorimeter works in a DYNAMIC (Isoperibol) method.
The traditional CAL2K-4 bomb vessel has been replaced with a self-locking and sealing bayonet vessel with built-in temperature sensors. The vessel is completely removable for easy sample management, cooling, cleaning and maintenance.
The CAL3K-U calorimeter interfaces with different devices, including PC (PC Software), Balance, Printer and Bluetooth (Wireless). The unit also integrates fully with software based laboratory and information management systems (LIMS).
The oxygen bomb calorimeter and air cooler are operated together for effective routine sample determination, using 2 or more bomb vessels. It is recommended to use the air cooler for optimum results and faster throughput.
The complete CAL3K-U oxygen bomb calorimeter system contains all the parts and consumables necessary to set up the unit. The installation kits included with the setup of the calorimeter contains consumables for approximately 200 samples, depending on the type of sample being analyzed (coal analysis, animal feed analysis). Other samples like oil, might use more consumables as they are corrosive and could cause wear and tear. Additional consumables can be purchased separately (and in bulk quantities) from our authorized agents.

The CAL3K-U is the University Edition in the CAL3K range, mainly suited for universities and educational institutions. It is best suited for a production environment which requires robust, fast, and accurate results. The CAL3K-U can be used in the following educational areas :
– Thermodynamics Teaching
Combustion heat release, heat transfer, measuring heat, heat loss, temperature equilibrium, heat conduction
– Combustion energy of non-gaseous substances
Renewable energy resources, traditional energy sources
Ethanol, waste, plastics, animal feed and products
– Safety
Combustion energy of our surroundings : wall paint, car seats, ceilings, clothing
Composite material research
– Research
Improving animal husbandry, more energy for the buck, alternative energy, oils
Energy absorption or conversion
– Quality Control
Food : an alternative method of assuring consistency of consumed substances
The CAL3K-U can be applied to different industries, mainly focusing on universities. To read more about the different applications visit our Applications section.

The CAL3K-U uses the dynamic method of determination, while still using the dry method, i.e. it is waterless. The minimum determination time is up to 6 minutes.
There is a need for an external oxygen filling station to fill the vessel. The pressure is regulated to the standard 30 bars and the regulated pressure and the vessel filling pressure is indicated.
The fastest performance was achieved with one CAL3K-U Calorimeter, 3 Manual Bayonet Vessels and 2 Air Coolers. This is a full occupation for a single operator

The CAL3K-U calorimeter requires a PC keyboard to enter commands. The CAL3K-U Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter will be supplied as a complete system which includes the calorimeter, the air cooler and 2 manual bayonet oxygen vessels.
The LCD display has 4 lines. The first line shows what the CAL3K is doing at present, e.g. what mode the calorimeter is in and what it is doing.

The second line shows the action the operator should take, e.g. “ENTER MASS, INSERT BOMB”, etc. The third line is reserved for keyboard command and data entry, e.g. Enter Benzoic Acid Value in MJ. The fourth line gives additional information relating to faults and actions. If the subject help is activated then all 4 lines are used to display the help functions.

This is the CAL3K-U Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter with the lid open. The environmental isolation to the ambient is provided by POLYSTYRENE.
BOMB WELL – The bomb well has a contact arrangement at the bottom to connect to the bomb electronics. The vessel temperature and calibration data are retrieved from this contact.
The electronics compartment is located inside at the rear panel. This electronic compartment is the “brain” of the calorimeter, as we like to call it. This is what makes everything work. There you will find the firing circuit and the ECU card, which can easily be removed, making maintenance quick and easy.

The CAL3K Calorimeter has some added features which will make the operation of the oxygen calorimeter a lot easier and user friendly. Every step in the determination of the calorific value of the sample has a help screen attached and operator prompts assist with step-by-step instructions to operate the calorimeter.
EVENT LOGGING – The CAL3K-U has 63 event classifications and can store a maximum of 6800 logged events.
DEFAULT PARAMETER FIELDS – The CAL3K-U has 1 default parameter field for each mode. All fields are for different operation and operating modes.
FAULT AND FIELD TESTING CAPABILITY – The CAL3K-U and vessel each have a factory and a field test built in. The field test allows the operator/user to test the functionality without any instruments or special connections.


Jual Calorimeter CAL3K-U DDS Calorimeters

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