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Jual BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme SO2 Monitor GA24XT-S

BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme SO2 Monitor GA24XT-S

The Gas Alert Clip sulfur dioxide (SO2) gas detector is a portable, long-life diffusion detector. Designed by BW Technologies, it alerts you, your workers or your confined space team members to hazardous levels of this toxic gas.
As a diffusion detector it passively samples the atmosphere, requiring little battery power. It is this power-sipping capacity, coupled with an intelligent design that lets the unit operate continuously for two years. The unit is also remarkably compact and can fit in the palm of your hand!
Sulfur dioxide (SO2) is a colorless, nonflammable gas with a very strong odor. It is produced in numerous industrial processes. Effects of SO2 can range from mild irritant to full respiratory failure. Prolonged exposure is associated with increased respiratory problems and breathing difficulties, not something you or your workers want to take chances with.
Should dangerous levels of exposure be detected, the GasAlert Extreme will activate three alert modes:
Visual Aerts: Bright LED flashing lights will activate
Sonic Alarm: A loud 95dB buzzer will sound
Vibration alert: For additional alert in noisy work environments

About the Extreme Series:
These Extreme Series gas detectors are built with a strong concussion-proof housing protecting it from any falls, as well as being water and dust resistant
Low maintenance, the unit is self-calibrating and self-testing, making it maintenance free for the duration of its lifespan
A large LCD screen shows remaining battery life and alert information
A one button interface makes the unit easy to use and requires very little training
Fully compatible with the MicroDock II and the IR connectivity kit for data retrieval, management and archiving

The Gas Alert Clip Extreme does not display current gas levels. If this function is required, please consider the series of single gas monitors.

Measuring Range: 0-100ppm
Low Alarm level: 5PPM
High Alarm Level: 10PPM
No Sensor Replacement
No Extra Calibration Required
Weight: 2.7 oz.
Temperature Range: -22 to +122 degree F / -30 to +50 degree C


BW Gas Alert Clip Extreme SO2 Monitor GA24XT-S

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