Jual Battery TESTER DENGEN BT-121


For use : 2V, 6V, & 12V ( 6AH-120AH)

For quick testing of DC output of car batteries

Applicable also as a tester for checking switch terminal

easy operation and easy reading


Specifications :-

Auto cycles Capacity 

(Amp Hours)

Battery voltage
50cc 2 AH 6V or 12V
51~125cc 6~10 6V or 12V
126~250cc 9~15 6V or 12V
251~750cc 10~18 6V or 12V
Cars Engine Capacity (Amp.Hours) Battery Voltage
200~360cc 20~24 6V or 12V
500~2000cc 30~60 6V or 12V
2000~5000cc 55~100 6V or 12V
5000~8000cc 100~150 12V or 12Vx2