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Jual Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) IFX-110B/120B/130B Innotech


Flame/Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer

Features :
Innovated rich oxygen air-acetylene flame analysis technique (IFX-110B)
The patented flame analysis technique adopting rich oxygen air-acetylene flame as the substitution for nitrous oxide-acetylene flame for high temperature element analyses, such as Ca, Al, Ba, W, Mo, Ti, V, etc. Flame temeperature is continuously adjustable between 2300-2950 Celsius, which makes it possible to choose the best atomization temperature for different elements. It features easy operation, low analysis cost and wide flame AAS analytical range. Rich oxygen flame will not pollute the environment and is not harmful to human bodies. It’s break-through in flame AAS analysis
Flame atomization system with flame emission burner
A flame emission burner head can be installed to perform flame emission analysis to Alkali metals as K, Na etc. (IFX-110B/120B)
Accurate fully automated control system
– Automatic multi-lamp turret, automatic adjustment of lamp current and optimization of light beam position
– Automatic wavelength scanning and peak picking
– Automatic spectral bandwidth changing
– Automatic ignition
Perfect safety protection measures
Alarm and automatic protection to fuel gas leakage, abnormal flow, insufficient air pressure and abnormal flame extinction in flame system
Advance and reliable electronic design
– Adopting large-scale programmable logic array and Inter 12C bus technology
– European type sockets and AMP adapters with high reliability to ensure long term reliability of the whole electronic system
Easy and practical analysis software
– Easy-to-use AAS analysis software is made under Windows operating system, realizing fast parameter setting and optimization
– Automatic display of measured data, automatic caculatiion and analytical result automatic print out
Specifications :

Main Specification :
– Wavelength range : 190-900nm
– Wavelength accuracy : ± 0.25nm
– Resolution : Two spectral lines of Mn at 279.5nm and 279.8nm can be separated with the spectral bandwidth of 0.2nm and valley-peak energy ratio less than 30% .
– Baseline stability : < 0.004A/ 30min
– Background correction : The D2 lamp background correction capability at 1A is better than 30 times
The S-H background correction capability at 1.8A is better than 30 times (only for IFX-110B/120B)

Light Source :
– Lamp turret : 6-lamp turret (IFX-110B/120B)
– Lamp turret 4-lamp turret (IFX-130B) ;
– Auto-alignment, fully automated scan and peak-picking.

Lamp current adjustment :
– Automatic Adjustment and display
– Wide pulse current: 0~ 25mA
– Narrow pulse current: 0~ 10mA
Lamp power supply mode :
– 400Hz square wave pulse
– 100Hz narrow square wave pulse+ 400Hz wide square wave pulse ( IFX- 110B/ 120B)

Optical System :
– Monochomator : Single beam, Czerny-Turner design grating monochromator
– Grating : 1800 l/ mm
– Focal length : 277mm
– Blazed Wavelength : 250nm
– Spectral Bandwidth : 0.1nm, 0.2nm, 0.4nm, 1.2nm, automatic change

Flame Atomizer :
– Burner : 10cm single slot all-titanium burner
– Spray chamber : Corrosion resistant all-plastic spray chamber
– Nebulizer : High efficiency glass nebulizer with metal sleeve, sucking up rate: 6-7ml/ min
– Emission burner : provided with IFX-110A/ 120A

Detection and Data Processing System :
– Detector : R928 Photomultiplier with high sensitivity and wide spectral range
– Software : Windows operating system
– Analytical method : Working curve auto-fitting; standard addition method; automatic sensitivity correction, automatic calculation of concentration and content.
– Repeat times : Maximum 20 times of repeat measurement, automatic calculation of mean value, standdard deviation and relative standard deviation.
– Multi-task Functions : Sequential measurement for multi-element determination in one sample
– Condition reading : With model function
– Result printing : Measurement data and final analytical report printout, editing with Excel
Standard RS-232 serial port communication
Characteristic Concentration and Detection Limit :
– Normal Air-C2H2 flame = Cu: Characteristic concentration < 0.025mg/ L, Detection limit < 0.006mg/ L;
– Rich Oxygen Air-C2H2 flame = Ba : Characteristic concentration < 0.22mg/ L, Al: Characteristic concentration < 0.4mg/ L ( for IFX-110A )

Function Expansion : Hydride vapor generator can be connected for hydride analysis
Dimensions and weight : 102 (L) x 490 (W) x 540 (H) mm, unpacked 80kg


Jual Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS) IFX-110B/120B/130B Innotech

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